At Central Dakota Animal Clinic in Platte, we provide quality veterinary care and urgent care for animals large and small. If you live in or around Charles Mix County, contact our veterinarians today to schedule an appointment.

Canine and Feline Services

In addition to routine vaccinations and health exams, we provide microchipping, hip and elbow certification, reproductive care, and even blood transfusions for your household pets, barn cats, and working dogs. During hip and elbow certifications, we provide comprehensive radiography services which enable us to advise you when to repair fractures and ligaments to avoid pain for your pet.

Bovine Health Services

Dr. Bryant Soulek and Dr. Brittney Soulek provide a wide range of bovine care including vaccinations, herd health consultations, checking bulls for breeding soundness, and ultrasound fetal sexing. To further ensure healthy calves, we maintain our own neonatal calf ICU.

Equine Health Services

To assist horse owners in reducing the spread of Equine Infectious Anemia, we have an in-house lab where we perform Coggins/EIA testing. This allows you to receive faster results when you intend to show, breed or transport your animal. Our equine services also include artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, and the collection, shipment, and storage of semen for your breeding program. We also perform lameness evaluations and pre-purchase exams to ensure that the horses you buy or sell are at the peak of health.

Small Ruminants

For sheep and goats, we provide ultrasound services to diagnose pregnancy, as well as assessing each animal’s breeding soundness. Furthermore, we will perform all of the routine examinations needed as the animal matures and administer vaccinations as needed.

Exotic Pets

We provide a full range of services for birds and exotic mammals, including clipping wings and toenails and performing health and wellness exams. Your roosters, raccoons, skunks, stoats, owls, and ostriches all receive the comprehensive care needed to live long, full lives.

Urgent Care

Livestock does not give birth on anyone’s schedule but their own and injuries can happen at any time. As such, when your pet, working animal, or livestock needs urgent care, you can text or call our office anytime day or night for urgent care services.

Boarding Services

When your cats, dogs, exotic pets, or livestock need somewhere to stay, we have what they need. Our kennel workers walk dogs and horses twice daily, and we provide sawdust and straw bedding, hay, and Science Diet pet food.

Contact Us for Veterinary Care in Platte, SD

We have provided animals in Charles Mix County with quality veterinary care for years. If you would like to inquire about our veterinary services, call our team at Central Dakota Animal Clinic today at (605) 337-2659 or reach us through our website by using ourĀ online contact form.