What is a client?

In the hustle bustle of the workday, with all of the concerns, responsibilities and pressures, it is sometimes easy to forget the single most important factor of the practice – the patient and service you are here to deliver to that client.  In everything we do, try to always remember the following:

  • Clients are the most important people in any practice.
  • Clients aren’t dependent on us, we are dependent on them.
  • Clients aren’t an interruption of our work, they are the purpose of it.
  • Clients do us a favor when they come in, we aren’t doing them a favor by waiting on them.
  • Clients are part of our business – they are not outsiders.
  • Clients aren’t just money in the cash register.  They are human beings with feelings, like our own.
  • Clients deserve the most courteous attention we can give them.  They are the life-blood of the practice.  they pay our salary.
  • Without the client, we would have to close our doors.