Platte, SD Veterinarian Offers Boarding and Grooming

At Central Dakota Animal Clinic, located in Platte, SD, we know that our pets and work animals provide essential love, support, and service to our everyday lives. We know that while you’re away, they will need the best care possible. We board and groom several types of animals, including exotic pets and horses.

Grooming Makes Your Pets Feel Better

Contrary to what history might tell us, dogs, cats, and even horses are not supposed to smell bad. These pets accumulate dirt, dust, oil, and other things in their hair and fur, which, when left alone, cause the animal to give off an odor. Brushing and bathing them makes them feel like new. You’ll always notice a pep in their step afterward. We offer the ability to wash your animal, trim nails, and we even provide regular de-skunking! Grooming your pet regularly also reduces the number of fleas and ticks on your pet and in your home.

Horse Boarding

We’re grateful for the beautiful ruggedness that still exists in South Dakota, and because of that, we take special care to tend to your partner and friend, regardless of the horse breed. We’ve lived and worked here for years and we know firsthand what the bond is between a horse and its human. While you’re gone, your horse deserves the highest standard of care. We have a large horse boarding facility with hay and sawdust provided. Horses are walked twice daily and given lots of attention, conversation, and gentle touching. You don’t have to worry about your horse being safe or unhappy while you’re gone.

Boarding for Dogs, Cats, and Exotics

We provide kennel areas for dogs and separate sleeping areas for cats. Dogs are walked twice daily and receive playtime with other canines. Cats are allowed to roam in particular cat play areas and also receive socialization time. Just let us know if you have something different, like ferrets, rats, or other unique creatures. We offer convenient drop-off and pick-up times. To make boarding more comfortable for your four-legged friend, please feel free to bring favorite toys, blankets, treats, or other things they especially enjoy.

Contact Our Trusted Pet Boarder in Platte

Our horses, small animals, exotic pets, dogs, and cats all deserve the best care possible in our temporary absences. We care and tend to your animals the same way we do our own. Central Dakota Animal Clinic, serving Platte, SD, and the greater surrounding areas, stands ready to help you. Contact us today to keep your horses and other animals happy in your absence!